Friday, August 13, 2010

Wasser Ski

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 10th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 8th grade.

8th grade was a grade of who's who. Who are your friends, who are you dating? I was still in the transition period of who my friends were. I had started to become better friends with some girls who would have a big impact on me by the faith that they carried.

But as far as school went my favorite subject at this time was my German class. My good friend Kari was in it. We got to pick German names to use in the class period. My name was Daniella. Which I think I picked because my parents picked out Danielle for a name for me when I was born, but obviously didn't keep it. I remember taking field trips to some German restaurants in the (Cities?) This restaurant was dark and dingy. To my shock, during this visit my German teacher Frau Swenson snorted a shot of tobacco through her nose. It was done with a contraption that I guess was very Germanic. And yes....all of the 8th graders stood around and watched her do this. I thought it was disgusting as most of them cheered her on. But, during this class towards the end of the year we got to make a commercial to show the class in German of course. Kari and I wanted our commercial to be on how having the right pair of water ski's can make a big difference in skiing.

So a chilly May day we went out skiing to make our commercial.

I remember it started out with me not skiing well, and my big line was.

"Diese wasser ski sind schreckliche!" ("These water skis are horrible!")

To which Kari had good water skis and skied great!

But it was a whole lot of fun to make.....hmmm makes me want to view it again. Kari's parents own it! I should check to see if they have it still. Maybe I could post it=)

Monday, August 9, 2010


Last Friday we went to some car/motorcycle races. I was quite surprised that it was a very family friendly place. Seeing that there were many families there. Lots of kids waving checkered flags=) We sat in the first bleacher since Kenz is very mobile now and I knew she would not do well just sitting for a few hours. There was plenty of room between the stadium seating and the race track. They kept things going at a good pace, plenty of different races. Each lasting no more than 5mins? The last two races of the night were longer though, maybe a total of 30 laps. Kenzie was getting fussy so I thought I'd take her out to the truck feed her, change her get her a little more settled before we left. I knew my husband had lots to get together back at the bleachers plus the kids to get to I headed back to help him.

Now the way the stadium is set up is there are two entry points to the seating. I could take the first one and walk all the way down in front of everyone to where we were sitting, or I could walk behind the bleachers and go to the 2nd entry way which is right where we were sitting. I chose to walk behind the bleachers. As soon as I got there everyone had this worried look on their faces. Our friend Beth said to me "Caden is gone!" What! I look to my husband. He said that he had told Caden and Keira that it was almost time to go and he had bolted. What and you just let him?? I didn't quite get what was going on. So my daughter points down in front of the stadium saying she saw him. I look and start walking wondering where she sees him. I ask a few people on the way to see if they saw him. "No!" I walked all the way down. He was not there. My heart was pounding! So I turned back around walked back and hoped to see him back with my husband. Nope. Our other friend Joe took off to look in the bathrooms, my husband to look by the concession stands. Nothing. The minutes felt like eternity. My heart was racing and I was screaming inside. I handed Kenz off to Beth and told Keira to stay with her as well. I started just running and thinking how can I get them to stop the was sooo loud there is no way he could hear me yelling for him. As I was yelling very loud and in a panic. My only thought was if someone took him they would have to bring him to the parking lot to leave. I knew I had to get to the parking lot and stop whatever cars are leaving. I had never been so scared! I just kept pleading "Please Lord No!...Please Lord No! I ran right to the outside of the ticket booth and there he was walking towards me. My heart leaped and I grabbed him and picked him up and asked where he was? Crying he told me he went to look for me over and over he just kept saying he was looking for me.=( I NEVER told the kids I was leaving to get Kenz ready at the truck. They were so engrossed in the race he never realized I had been gone for a while. So when my hubby said it was time to leave he bolted after a woman who he thought was me and followed her, in front of the bleachers, she was a ways a head. If I had taken just a few more minutes we might have crossed paths. I'm pretty sure he was walking in front of the bleachers as I was walking in back of the bleachers. But, I had never been so thankful to see him. At the time it felt like I was in a dream. Luckily it was a good ending! And the owner gave Caden a checkered flag as he knew he was missing. It took my heart until next morning to feel less anxious.

How about you...have your kids ever gone missing?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ho Hum

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 9th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 7th grade.

Jr High. The big time. I went into Jr High not having too many school friends. The friends that I had ran around with before started to get into things that I wasn't into. My locker at school was in the yellow hallway. At school they had these different color hallways. It looked very much from the 70's. I just remember how fun it was to be able to decorate your locker. Or, share your locker with someone. Which I did for a short while at the end of the year. But, my 7th grade year was not very memorable. I started playing basketball and softball and played alto saxophone in the band. I did fairly well playing the sax usually first or second chair. But when it came time for solo performances....ah yeah. I would get so nervous my whole body would shake. the teacher excused me because I think he was embarrassed for me. If you were in band you could also be in choir or small band because they traded every other day. I did not want to sing. So I was in small band, and you had to do lots of solo performances. I only did one. After that one my teacher pulled some strings so I could be in the advanced art placement class. Granted I have no art skills what so ever! But that was way more fun than having to get up in front of others. Plus the art student got to take lots of field trips. Lots! So getting nervous in front of others has its up side=)

At home I pretty sure my step-dad and my mom got married within the last year. Sorry a lot of these dates I don't remember very well. Well I think they actually got married during my 6th grade year. I remember both my mom and step-dad were in the Army. The newspaper people came out to interview them about the possibility of them both being sent to Operation Desert Storm and having children at home. They never went.

All in all 7th grade was a pretty ho hum year as far as school went.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking For Necklaces?

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 8th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 6th grade.

My 6th grade teacher was Mrs. Miller. Again she was a teacher of mine that was not very well liked, however I liked her. Again this is a grade I don't remember much about. I do know by this time my parents divorce was finalized.

I also remember my friends changing a bit. I started hanging out with the more rebellious girls, but not really wanting to. Knowing something was wrong with the things they did. A specific memory was being out at 3 in the morning...mind you we were in 6th grade. My "friends" had boyfriends that were in the Jr High. While spending the night at my one friends house one night they came by and we all went out walking. I think the guys were drinking and not to sure about my friends. I was a little confused about it all. Well all of a sudden the police must have gotten a call because they pulled over to where we were walking and turned their sirens on. All of them jumped into the nearby fields and just ran. I didn't know what to do so I off course go into the ditch and just lay down with my friend...mind you our only offense being out past our towns curfew. The police shine their lights on us and told us to get up. They ask us what we were doing to which my friend replied that we were looking for a necklace she had lost earlier! Luckily they just told us to go home. Man were we pretty dumb.

I think by the end of this grade I knew these were not the type of girls I wanted to be around. I went into the summer not having too many friends from my class, just a couple of girls in my neighborhood who were good and did not get into trouble to much.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Lesson On Treating People

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 7th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 5th grade or when I was 10.

The memory that sticks out the most to me during 5th grade was when we were in social studies class. Specifically civil liberties and racism. While talking about it my teacher mentions to the class that a specific student in out class has AIDS. He named him. The entire class turned and looked at him. Unsure of what to do next. Our teacher then starting asking questions about how we should behave and with in a few minutes class was over. I don't remember if another class was after that but I do remember the health class was before recess. And when recess did the insults and complete humiliation that the students put on this poor boy. Everyone was gathered around him, some asking questions, others threatening him and a few that were pushing him around. I was in the midst as an on-looker. I remember feeling horrible for him, but yet at the same time feeling scared that I could get it too.
As recess ended we all headed inside, got to our desks. To all of our surprise, our teacher told us it was all a hoax!! This student did not have AIDS. He was trying to teach the class a lesson on treating people that are different than us, with respect and dignity. The student knew this was going to happen. I certainly changed my outlook on how I am to be treating people, even on just the thought level.

As a side note its funny how teachers could do things like that in the past, but today would that even be allowed? I think it would make the news and the teacher would be fired. The times they are a changing!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tales of a fourth grade juggler!

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 6th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 4th grade or when I was 9.

Well 4th grade ...hmmm.... 4th grade I had my first male teacher, Mr. Gauer. And it was his first year teaching. He cut his thumb pretty badly on the paper cutter one day and had to leave to go get stitches.
In 4th grade I got in trouble and had a major talk from Mr Gauer about not making fun of people. He took me and another girl into the coat closet and we talked about the importance of treating people with respect. As I and another student, made fun a another girls pants. I still remember what that girl looked like and her name. His talk had a big impact on me as I don't remember doing that again, and hated when I saw others doing it also.

I learned in forth grade that dessert and desert were spelled differently. I once again got to be in a play about Paddington Bear. Fortunately I was prop set up. Yay! No messing up with that. But unfortunately 4th grade was also the year how-to speeches started. I didn't mention anything to my parents until the night before I was to do mine. I had nothing ready, so I believe they gave me a recipe for making chip dip. It was easy and only 3 steps. So when I got up it didn't take long and virtually fool proof. It went okay, well... better than me being a play.

One day when staying at school after class was over, I don't remember why, a couple of other girls in my class and I asked Mr. Gauer to teach us to juggle. He had juggled for our class not long before that. So we sat and learned to juggle:) He was so kind and patient with all of us. I would go home and practice for hours just so when I got the chance I could show him how much better I had gotten. After that year was done I never saw Mr Gauer again until incidentally when I was in 12th grade, I went back to the same school for a class where I had to teach 3/4 graders to read. Mr Gauer recognized me and my name. I thought that was neat that he would remember me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spelling Test Redemption

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 5th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 3rd grade or when I was 8.

In third grade my teacher was Mrs. Wetzel...which is good that I remember that because I don't remember my 1st or 2nd grade teachers name. I could guess, but I don't know if I am just remembering a teachers name in the school or mine. I liked Mrs. Wetzel. I don't think a lot of the students did but I did.

I think my cheating days of 1st grade were behind me. A bunch of answers got left up on the chalk board for a spelling test. Mrs. Wetzel passed out our papers and started saying the words for us to write. I kind of looked around and seeing if people noticed if the answers were up there. Everyone could see them. So of course being the girl that knew she never wanted to cheat again I calmly raised my hand and told the teacher the answers were on the board. Yep, I don't remember having many friends that week. Hmmm... maybe they didn't know about the changed person I was;-)

The summer before 3rd grade we got the chance to go to Disney World. We drove the whole way there. My mom, my brother Derek, my mom's friend Sandy and myself. On the way we stopped at Graceland. My brother and I being only slightly thrilled because we knew that Elvis was some one famous who was a singer and actor. I thought the best part was his horses, and the animal room. I did want to be a veterinarian when I was little...well until the 11th grade. But we kept going after that and ended up at Wet and Wild. I loved it! We had so much fun there and probably even remember more of it compared to Disney. The only thing I remember from Disney is one ride that was a train. See... I don't even remember the name of the ride, or if I saw any characters....actually I think we might have saw Mickey at our hotel??? Who knows! I was and still am more of a thrill seeker and like doing active things which is why I probably remember Wet and Wild more than Disney. I kept my mug from W &W for a very long time. It was pink:)

The only other real memory I have from the 3rd grade is yet another play I was in. It was a play for health class. It was a big deal because many parents were going to be there to watch. I was the cracker. I had all my lines memorized, the first day of practice. I had it down during all the practices. Well...until show time. Remember I don't like to be in front of people. I just stood there. You could see all the sympathy faces. Boo Hoo. But, as my years progress it is funny that I still will volunteer to be up in front of people, yet I will still not do well in front of others. Hmmm...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

No shirt. No shoes. No Service?

So while we were away visiting my dad for Father's day, we decided on Friday night to go out to eat. I knew it was going to be hit or miss with Kenzie wanting to eat around 5 pm and it was just about 5:30 when we left. So we got to the restaurant and were seated fairly quickly. But of course kids were hungry and a little cranky. I asked my husband if he could walk around with Kenzie to distract her, since I knew she wasn't going to last. Well, all of a sudden I see him talking with the hostess. Now when I was packing up to go visit my dad I didn't even think about taking shoes with for her. She doesn't wear any. She just started getting better at walking and shoes just make her walk worse at this time. So we didn't think anything of it until the hostess talked to my husband. It went something like this:

Hostess: You know we have a no shirt, no shoe, no service policy?

Hubby: Pardon me? He thought she was kidding.

Hostess: Do you have any shoes for (your daughter)?

Hubby: No.

Okay I understand about possible injury to her feet, but come on... she's one. And we weren't even letting her walk around. We were holding her just about the entire time, or she was sitting in her chair. They were seriously threatening to not give us service?? Because my one year old had no shoes on? Well a few minutes went by and we waited to see if the hostess was going to say something to the manager. My dad knew the manager. Go right ahead. They did not, but the manager walked over on his own to say hi to my dad. He saw Mackenzie, said how cute he thought she was, even picked her up and held her! No mention of the shoes! I think the hostess must of not had anything better to do. Or, maybe it was her first day and she was trying to stick to the rules.?

Should this have been a big deal?

Super Satuarday Slip and Slide!!!

The kids were asking to go for a bike ride. But we thought going on the slip and slide would be a much better idea.

It was a great idea. This was so much fun. We got to be active and stay cool and not have to pack up mounds of things just to go to the beach.

The kids were having so much fun they asked dad to come and do it with them.

Dad holding Caden as they slid sown together...I know my knees would kill after this.

I sat and took pictures while they laughed and had fun. They were having a blast.
Kenz loved the pool area, I guess as well as walking up and down in between the sliders:)

I couldn't take it any longer...I had to get in on the fun too:)

We all felt a lot cooler! And, the kids loved that mom and dad did it too:)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fathers Day Post

New Post: For Fathers Day scroll down a bit. For you family members that do not subscribe to a RSS feed.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vulcan Salute

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 4th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. The fourth memory is from 2nd grade or when I was 7.

It is when I got my hair cut like a boy. I remember I was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt. Very excited about my new hairstyle. I wanted to show my friend down the road. I walked over and rang the doorbell. Her mom answered. "Can LesLiegh come play." To which her mom replied. "Sorry Derek, LesLiegh isn't home right now." "Umm...I'm Nikki." "Oh, you and your brother could be twins." To which this conversation brought on a fascination with whether we really were twins or not? Were my parents hiding something? I mean someone just said we could be!!! (Come on, I was 7.)

It is when I got the lead role for a play in class. I remember sitting in rows and the teacher said she was going to write down a number and anyone who wanted to be the lead could guess the number. Whoever was right, would get to be the lead. So I concentrated real hard on her hand and if she would write one number or two. Did her hand write curl marks or straight. I actually guessed the correct number!! Now if you know me, I have no idea why I would be going for a lead role in a play. Granted it was a 2nd grade play. But, I have no desire to be in front of people. Zilch. Zip. Zero. None, what-so-ever. I don't know, maybe I did in 2nd grade. Well, I did it!!! Although I remember not doing it well.

It is when I learned to separate my fingers (The Vulcan Salute) while watching a space video during science class. The salutes like they did on Star Trek. It was dark, the movie was boring and I could not think of anything else to do at the time. You know, besides actually watching the movie. And yes, I can still do it.

It is when my parents separated for the first time. Now I can remember lots of events surrounding this. I remember exactly how my dads apartment looked. The confusion of why my dad had to live somewhere else. I remember being mad at my dad for not living with us. I remember my parents buying us lots of stuff. Although, I'm not sure if it was so they could show their love, if it was out of guilt or because they wanted to out do each other. Being 7 I thought it was to out do each other. I ended up hating when they wanted to buy us something. Sure, every now and then I liked what I got, but I made sure the other parent never saw it. I did not want the other to go and get us something too. Most of the time I just said I didn't need anything. I remember wondering when my friends parents were going to separate, and started getting confused over why they would have family time.

Okay, sorry to depress you there at the end. Actually I could have wrote a lot more. But I'll spare you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Many Faces of Keira





Love her!

Cringing Moments

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 3rd of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. The third story is about 1st grade.

My mind has been reeling over this one for, well, a day. I have not been able to think of anything for 1st grade. Well at least no memory that is blissful or fun! Just a memory of (cringe) the time I got caught cheating on a math test (because 1st grade math is tough you know). Which incidentally, sticks out very well. I remember we sat in desks of 4 that all faced each other. You could easily look up and see the papers in front of you. Everyone at my table was doing it.
My conscience was screaming at me "NO, don't do it." But I succumbed and did it, and then got caught. Peer pressure is something awful and the principals office is not a fun place to be! But, who in their right mind would want to share that and have this stigma attached to them. So instead, I'll just say I can't think of a thing about the 1st grade or of being 6!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Well our Fathers day weekend was quite packed. My husband had taken off Friday to be able to go to the car show. So his dad met him here at the house and they took the 2 older kids with them. I then proceeded to pack our stuff while Kenzie took a nap, so we could go to my dads later on in the afternoon. So around noon I picked them up and we drove to my dads house.

Sooner or later the kids started to wander over to the neighbors house. They had a big sandbox and lots of toys in their yard. The kids wanted to play with some things that we weren't sure about so we convinced Keira to go knock on their door and ask the kids to play. The whole family came out and the kids were told they were welcome to play with whatever they wanted even when they were not home. (My dad lets them use his clothes line for their clothes... doesn't it help to be friendly to your neighbors?!)

Now my dad grew up on a farm, but I suppose I never really talked to him about what he did on the farm. I kind of had this modern farm idea in my head not really thinking too hard about it, that my dad was helping on the farm in the late 50's and 60's. Well his neighbors are starting to raise chickens so they can have fresh eggs weekly. My dad has been helping her with different things like how to hold the chickens and feed them. That was one of his job growing up, tending to the chickens. Hmmm...I better start asking him more questions....not that I am starting a farm or anything. She asked the kids if they would like to hold one.

Keira could not wait.

As well as I couldn't either.

I know it's just a chicken and they are kind of dirty, but how often do you get the chance to hold a chicken? And not a baby one at that. My hubby and Caden decided to pass. Which I figured they would.

Sat. brought lots of fun too as we had our own little ONE tractor parade. Well that was more for the kids enjoyment. Who doesn't love a good tractor ride?

Some color guard.

and a little kickball. (which I think might actually have been Friday??)

And visiting the great-grandparents.

We took off late afternoon to meet Dave's parents about an hour in to our drive and met them at Culver's where there happen to be a real parade going by. So we stopped to watch that for a while. Then got home in the evening so Daddy could finish it off by going back to the car show.

That was a full weekend in less then a weekend. Happy Fathers Day!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smells like Skunk

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This will be the second of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. The second is those first school days.

Since my mom worked, it was my grandma who watched me during the day when I was little. I never attended preschool and kindergarten was half days every day. My grandma had done my hair very nice for school one day for me. She put me in some nice clothes and said, "Now Nicolle, you are going to school today....DO NOT GET DIRTY!" And then proceeded to let me play outside. I've been told within 5 min. I was playing with the dogs and letting it jump all over me. I got filthy! My grandma came out and was mad! "Nicolle I told you not to get dirty!" My response..."It's okay grandma, lots of kids go to school dirty." This story I have been told, but even worse is the story I remember.

I remember the first day of Kindergarten. Both kindergarten classes were meeting in one room. They would then let you know who your teacher was, so you could go together with your class. While waiting for everyone to show, the teachers were of course entertaining everyone. As all the kids arrived and the names were called to who their teacher was, they thought since everyone had been so good we could all have a sticker...a scratch and sniff sticker. Now, I loved stickers when I was little. Had books of them. My dresser was filled with stickers. I loved stickers! When it came my turn the anticipation was rising as to what my sticker would be. I reached my little hopeful hand into the bucket, a flower perhaps, or maybe cinnamon roll. Ahhh the scents would be so sweet. When I pulled my hand out my heart dropped. a... skunk.

What teacher in there right mind would put a skunk scratch and sniff sticker into a bucket for children! I remember the stench. It was awful! Even worse...I asked for a new sticker, and the reply was....."No!" That was one sticker that certainly did not go into my book. My little heart was broken:-(

I have since then recovered from the awful smell and memory!:)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Caden loves to ride with Daddy when he mows...although it always makes him a little too sleepy:)

The story of ME!

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This will be the first of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. The first is the story of me.

My mom went into her 38 week appointment a couple of days before Thanksgiving. I was due to be born around Christmas time. Everything was looking good. Doctor said I wasn't going to be coming anytime soon. My mom was glad because her doctor was going to be on vacation the following day for 2 weeks. Thanksgiving came and went. And the next day my mom awoke to what felt like a tickle in her stomach. Yes, a tickle is what I said! She tells me now that it just felt like I was tickeling her tummy. Like I was saying let me out I want to play. I personally think she is remembering wrong...especially after having three children of my own. Thinking that this could be it, my dad and her went to the hospital and after a few hours I was born at 6:37 am. 7 lbs 11 oz. and a lot of dark blk hair. After being told I was a girl the first thing my mom said is "Is it really , are you sure?" (This is because I have two older brothers.) My dad said, "yes it's a girl. Good." He probably said this knowing my mom wanted a girl and if I had not been a girl would have wanted to keep trying.
But there was not much fanfare or complications. Mom said that if all of her pregnancy were this easy she would have more kids. (I am the 3rd and the last.)
So after such and intense labor they off course had to name me. Some names my parents almost called me were: Danelle or JanaLee. But, Danelle was too close to Daniel, which is my oldest brothers name and JanaLee was a combination of Jan (my mom) and Harlie (my dad). So the settled on Nicolle, which my mom suggested. I am named for myself. My middle name (Laurie) although, is named after my grandma Lauretta Laurie.

Me, My Grandma Lauretta, my first born Keira and my mom Jan

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love this stage as a babe gets older. Kenzie has been mimicking just about everything that I do, plus some things the kids do...and it is just TOO CUTE:) For example two days ago I was scratching Keiras' back and Kenzie walked right over plunked her little body down and started scratching her back too. Then as I was erasing the kids' chalkboard yesterday I saw her watching me, and sure enough as soon as I walked away she toddled on over, picked up the eraser and started erasing the board. Then today during bath time, Caden likes to wash my arm as I dangle it over the tub (?), and she got right in on it too. Picked up her washcloth and started scrubbing my arm. Caden just about flipped as he thought she was acting so grown up!

Now lets just hope she doesn't start to pick up on bad habits to copy:-S

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kenzies 1st Birthday!!

My Baby turned 1! My how does time fly...

This is of photo of her on her actual birthday. We had a party for her with family later that weekend. My very generous mother and father in-law hosted us at their lake house. Which made for some good relaxing time.

Here are some of our family members
My father in-law and grandparents (if you watched WCCO news on Memorial Day at 6pm you would have saw an interview with my grandpa. He is one of the remaining few who was a P51 fighter pilot in WWII that saw the bombing of Hiroshima.)
My grandma, mom and step-dad

My neice, isn't she a doll

My dad and Kenzie

Unfortunately I did not get any other pics of family that was there, as at one point I could not find the camera.....hmmm wonder who had it??? Here is a pic I found later, do you think you can tell who had the camera?

Ok, obviously it was Keira, she is my little camera stealer... who then takes self portraits and pictures of things like the floor or toys:)

But the party went off without a hitch. Lots of family time, presents and the birthday girl had lots of cake!
This is her before she got sleepy...

And this is her falling asleep mid bite! Sooo tuckered.

Happy Birthday Kenz!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Backyard Bonfire

Now that the weather has gotten nice again, it's time for a little marshmallow roasting!

Getting the fire ready!

The girls watching from a distance!

Caden making sure everything looks good!

Getting our sticks ready...we are excited!!!

Yay!! Roasting our masrshmallows. This is going to be good.

Someone brought the chocolate....Right!?!

Oh how I love when it's nice out!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm walking!

Kenzie started walking this week. The camera battery was dead the first day she started to this is the second day:)

My baby is growing too fast!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


What better way to spend our down time...than doing crafts (messy crafts) out doors! We went to Michaels and found $1.00 wood crafts that we thought the kids would like. Keira picked the birdhouse...and Caden picked a helicopter!

Busy working and so serious!

All of Cadens paint that came with the set were just about gone (guess that is what happens when you spend a buck) he improvised with Keiras'.

Caden painting his helicopter blade.

Keira painting the roof of her birdhouse.

And sides

Then the finished products:-)

What fun....and did I mention how gorgeous it was outside:-)