Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I love this stage as a babe gets older. Kenzie has been mimicking just about everything that I do, plus some things the kids do...and it is just TOO CUTE:) For example two days ago I was scratching Keiras' back and Kenzie walked right over plunked her little body down and started scratching her back too. Then as I was erasing the kids' chalkboard yesterday I saw her watching me, and sure enough as soon as I walked away she toddled on over, picked up the eraser and started erasing the board. Then today during bath time, Caden likes to wash my arm as I dangle it over the tub (?), and she got right in on it too. Picked up her washcloth and started scrubbing my arm. Caden just about flipped as he thought she was acting so grown up!

Now lets just hope she doesn't start to pick up on bad habits to copy:-S

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Dana said...

I agree. This is a fun stage :)