Monday, September 21, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

Last week Keira had found the sprinkler that we had bought a few years back! So they wanted to use it since we had not used it all summer. So they were right...lets have some fun before this great weather leaves us!

Good Form Keira!!!

This is about as close as Caden would go until dad came home. As Dave promptly picked him up and ran with him though the sprinkler in his clothes. The were shocked that daddy was doing this with clothes on instead of a swimsuit. It's always more fun with dad!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Things the kids say!

Some things the kids were talking about today!

Caden: If a stranger asks us to come pet his puppy, we say "No thank you stranger. I don't want to pet your puppy. Then we run and find mommy.

Keira: Actually we don't say anything. We just run and find mommy or daddy.

Caden: But if they offer us candy, we say "Thank you for the candy."

Keira: "No buddy, we don't say anything! We just run and find mommy or daddy!"

Caden: Maybe daddy will bring us a puppy home!!!

Caden who constantly has cars, keys or anything you can hook up to the truck, on the brain, talked about Jesus???

Caden: We've never been to Jesus' house before.

Me: Well we go to church and someday we might get to go to heaven.

Caden: Yeah!! And Jesus will have lots of trailers there, and He will want to hook them up to the trucks with me!!!:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Apple Picking

Our apple tree out back has produced quite a lot of apples this year. The previous years I have picked maybe just a few to eat, but nothing more than that, as most of them are usually feasted on by the worms. This year I noticed, however, that many of the apples looked quite good. So I sent Dave to the store to buy an apple picker. So for a few hours we got to pick apples. The kids helped a great deal too....they got to pick up the ones that missed the bucket, or to take them out of the apple picker and bring them to the bucket:) My plan at this point is to juice the majority of them, and then to make a couple of homemade pies out of a few.

I did figure out though, that the 12 foot pole just didn't cut it. As all the really good apples were at least 18 feet up. So I sent Dave to get a painters pole that we attached to the end of the apple picker that extended to 24 feet. Perfect!!