Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Well our Fathers day weekend was quite packed. My husband had taken off Friday to be able to go to the car show. So his dad met him here at the house and they took the 2 older kids with them. I then proceeded to pack our stuff while Kenzie took a nap, so we could go to my dads later on in the afternoon. So around noon I picked them up and we drove to my dads house.

Sooner or later the kids started to wander over to the neighbors house. They had a big sandbox and lots of toys in their yard. The kids wanted to play with some things that we weren't sure about so we convinced Keira to go knock on their door and ask the kids to play. The whole family came out and the kids were told they were welcome to play with whatever they wanted even when they were not home. (My dad lets them use his clothes line for their clothes... doesn't it help to be friendly to your neighbors?!)

Now my dad grew up on a farm, but I suppose I never really talked to him about what he did on the farm. I kind of had this modern farm idea in my head not really thinking too hard about it, that my dad was helping on the farm in the late 50's and 60's. Well his neighbors are starting to raise chickens so they can have fresh eggs weekly. My dad has been helping her with different things like how to hold the chickens and feed them. That was one of his job growing up, tending to the chickens. Hmmm...I better start asking him more questions....not that I am starting a farm or anything. She asked the kids if they would like to hold one.

Keira could not wait.

As well as I couldn't either.

I know it's just a chicken and they are kind of dirty, but how often do you get the chance to hold a chicken? And not a baby one at that. My hubby and Caden decided to pass. Which I figured they would.

Sat. brought lots of fun too as we had our own little ONE tractor parade. Well that was more for the kids enjoyment. Who doesn't love a good tractor ride?

Some color guard.

and a little kickball. (which I think might actually have been Friday??)

And visiting the great-grandparents.

We took off late afternoon to meet Dave's parents about an hour in to our drive and met them at Culver's where there happen to be a real parade going by. So we stopped to watch that for a while. Then got home in the evening so Daddy could finish it off by going back to the car show.

That was a full weekend in less then a weekend. Happy Fathers Day!!

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