Thursday, July 1, 2010

No shirt. No shoes. No Service?

So while we were away visiting my dad for Father's day, we decided on Friday night to go out to eat. I knew it was going to be hit or miss with Kenzie wanting to eat around 5 pm and it was just about 5:30 when we left. So we got to the restaurant and were seated fairly quickly. But of course kids were hungry and a little cranky. I asked my husband if he could walk around with Kenzie to distract her, since I knew she wasn't going to last. Well, all of a sudden I see him talking with the hostess. Now when I was packing up to go visit my dad I didn't even think about taking shoes with for her. She doesn't wear any. She just started getting better at walking and shoes just make her walk worse at this time. So we didn't think anything of it until the hostess talked to my husband. It went something like this:

Hostess: You know we have a no shirt, no shoe, no service policy?

Hubby: Pardon me? He thought she was kidding.

Hostess: Do you have any shoes for (your daughter)?

Hubby: No.

Okay I understand about possible injury to her feet, but come on... she's one. And we weren't even letting her walk around. We were holding her just about the entire time, or she was sitting in her chair. They were seriously threatening to not give us service?? Because my one year old had no shoes on? Well a few minutes went by and we waited to see if the hostess was going to say something to the manager. My dad knew the manager. Go right ahead. They did not, but the manager walked over on his own to say hi to my dad. He saw Mackenzie, said how cute he thought she was, even picked her up and held her! No mention of the shoes! I think the hostess must of not had anything better to do. Or, maybe it was her first day and she was trying to stick to the rules.?

Should this have been a big deal?


Crystal said...

Sounds like she realized how silly she must have sounded! I have a one year old as well, and we never have him in shoes because he isn't walking yet. So far we have had no issues and I would be appalled if we did! Like I said, I bet once she thought about what she was saying she realized it was ridiculous!
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Cameron said...

How old was this hostess? Seems like she didn't get it. That's so strange. I think I would have a hard time not acting like that was really dumb for her to have said that. I never put shoes on my daughter. She has learned to kick them off & she's only 6 months. It's actually pretty impressive. But it makes shoes just completely worthless.

Alan, Kimberly, Landon, and Bentley said...

That's crazy!!! Maybe she was just worried because Kenzie was walking around with Dave and didn't want her to step on anything - she certainly could've said it a lot better through!!!!