Thursday, July 1, 2010

Super Satuarday Slip and Slide!!!

The kids were asking to go for a bike ride. But we thought going on the slip and slide would be a much better idea.

It was a great idea. This was so much fun. We got to be active and stay cool and not have to pack up mounds of things just to go to the beach.

The kids were having so much fun they asked dad to come and do it with them.

Dad holding Caden as they slid sown together...I know my knees would kill after this.

I sat and took pictures while they laughed and had fun. They were having a blast.
Kenz loved the pool area, I guess as well as walking up and down in between the sliders:)

I couldn't take it any longer...I had to get in on the fun too:)

We all felt a lot cooler! And, the kids loved that mom and dad did it too:)

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Cameron said...

This looks awesome!!! I loved the Slip n Slide when I was a kid!! I can't wait to do this again with my kids!!