Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kenzies 1st Birthday!!

My Baby turned 1! My how does time fly...

This is of photo of her on her actual birthday. We had a party for her with family later that weekend. My very generous mother and father in-law hosted us at their lake house. Which made for some good relaxing time.

Here are some of our family members
My father in-law and grandparents (if you watched WCCO news on Memorial Day at 6pm you would have saw an interview with my grandpa. He is one of the remaining few who was a P51 fighter pilot in WWII that saw the bombing of Hiroshima.)
My grandma, mom and step-dad

My neice, isn't she a doll

My dad and Kenzie

Unfortunately I did not get any other pics of family that was there, as at one point I could not find the camera.....hmmm wonder who had it??? Here is a pic I found later, do you think you can tell who had the camera?

Ok, obviously it was Keira, she is my little camera stealer... who then takes self portraits and pictures of things like the floor or toys:)

But the party went off without a hitch. Lots of family time, presents and the birthday girl had lots of cake!
This is her before she got sleepy...

And this is her falling asleep mid bite! Sooo tuckered.

Happy Birthday Kenz!


gianna said...

happy birthday little girl!

Janna said...

I see you know Gianna. She's great! Thanks so much for your wise comment on my blog. I have some thoughts but wanted to hear what my readers and more experienced moms would share first. I'm still learning...