Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lets rock and ROLL!

All week Kenzie has been rolling to her side then crying. Not because she is on her side, but because she can't get over the rest of the way:) So last night she woke up at 2 am and decided to "practice" for about 2 hours...give or take. Giggling and squealing. Which would be soo cute if I wasn't soo tired! She never rolled over last night. Then this morning I set her on the floor to go clean the sink...walked back to her (Caden was playing with her) and she was on her stomach. WHAT!!! "You are only just 3 months TODAY, you are not suppose to be doing that yet." I didn't believe it. I asked Caden if he rolled her over. "No mommy I didn't." So I went to get the camera to video it. When I got back she was once again on her stomach. So instead of getting on video her FIRST roll over. I got her Third:) Keira was just as proud as I was, as she gave Kenzie many kisses and "good jobs"!

I will publish video when I get it to upload

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