Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday "Princess"

Keira turned 4 today!! Wow...4 years has brought some trying times, crazy times, emotionally frustrating times, but mostly a lot of joy:-) Here are a few words that describe her:




Sister Loving

No Fear


We celebrated her 4th birthday with some friends on Sat. as she wanted to have "a lot of friends" over. I said a few would be sufficient. They came over and while waiting for others to arrive we picked out some jewelry to wear and decorated some princess hats!
Kayli picking out her jewelry, while Caden helps!
Sophie #1 picking out her jewelry!
Sophie #2 Making a princess hat while Caden decorates his crown!Sophie S., Ellie S., Sophie E. making their hats...I thinks Sophie S. could of played with the glitter all day, making hats for herself or helping others:)

Caden with his crown!

Then with glitter thoroughly in everything we went on a gem hunt. Each girl was to find 5 gems. Except, I had Dave hide the gems and he couldn't remember where they all were after the girls had found maybe 3 or 4. So some were a little bummed that they didn't get 5! Sorry!:-( Then we played pin the heart on the princess!

Looking for their gems.
Getting ready to play pin the hearts on the princess.
Everyone started getting hungry so we all sat down to eat, then had cake. Keira insisted on a princess cake. So I did the cake in three stages as I didn't have much time to do it all at once.
After cake we opened gifts...which I never realized how ?eager? little kids are to have THEIR gift opened first! Keira took a picture after opening up her gifts with the gift giver.
Keira and Sophie
"Foofie" and Keira
Maya and Keira
Ellie S., Keira and Sophie S.- These are my good friend LesLiegh's daughters. Les and I grew up together and are the same age apart as Ellie and Keira are.
Kayli and Keira
The best quote came from Maya. She is such a she wanted to wear some dress up clothes. We took her to Keira's closet so she could pick out something, but we were informed that none of it was adequate enough:-( Then when Keira was opening a gift that contained a glitzy skirt, shoes, tiara, necklace and earrings... Maya belts out "Now I have something to wear!!" It was just too cute!

Then after opening presents we still had some time so I read the Princess and the Pea with the intent of playing find the pea (which you stick a golf ball under 1 of 3 pillows and see who can tell which has the pea...but, I lost the golf ball. So the girls went to the basement and played!
Keira had so much fun and was so good at saying thank you. I on the other hand was exhausted:) Many thanks to those who helped out!!!
The Princess' and the Prince

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