Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Reunion

Saturday the 22nd of August we headed on over to somewhere near Sunburg and visited with some family that we don't get to see very often. The day provided sun and some fun! Here are a few pics from the day!

Dave and the kids out on party island!!

Keira and Grace waiting for the Sea Doo to be blown up! Grace is the 3rd born of 4 girls!! They are my cousin Becky and her husband Jamies' daughter. Grace is 2 months older than Keira.

The girls out on the Sea Doo. Ashton, Cortney, Keira and Grace

Dave taking Caden out on the Jet Skis!

Me taking Keira out on the Jet Skis...this was my first time ever driving one. What a blast!! Keira enjoyed it too, as when we were out, so was my cousins husband, and every time we came close to the dock she would say to me "But mommy, Jamies not going in yet!!" She did not want to stop:) That's my girl!!

My dad Harlie and Kenzie!

My brother Derek and Kenzie!

Other family members included my uncle Dave, my brother Derek, Grandma Irene, Grandpa Floyd, and my aunt Pam.

Grace on the Sea Doo.

Addison: This little munchkin always could find a pop sitting somewhere around and would drink what she could until her mom saw her!! She is the last of the 4 girls.

Cortney and Ashton

We actually spent the night there. We spent Sat. night sitting by the fire with my cousin, her husband and all the kids. We roasted marshmallows and had good conversation.

Then Sun. we got up went fishing, tubing and swimming.

Dave and Keira tubing, which right after Keira promptly said she could do it herself!!! So we let her be on one of the tubes alone, Dave on another. But, she was not heavy enough and when the boat started up, the front end of the tube went right into the water. She took awhile to let go!! Good thing it's the end of the summer cause she might not do that again for awhile:-S

Dave and Caden
Jamie driving the boat for us. It is his parents cabin that we were at... A big thank you to them for letting us use it, as we had a lot of fun.

Jamie throwing in his daughter Ashton, at her request!

My cousin Becky and her daughter Addison.

And this is pretty much what Kenzie did while out on the boat!

We had lots of fun and were thoroughly wiped out!! We can not wait to see them again. Thanks Becky and Jamie for hosting!


Cat said...

That looks like an awesome time!

Becky said...

What a great time we had!! I loved reading about it. I would love to get those pictures from you. I have still done nothing with mine.