Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wow! They are listening.

I have to repeat myself over and over and over....I am pretty sure they (being Keira and Caden) are not listening. Well, I have been known to be wrong about a few things. To my amazement I have been wrong. A few things have surprised me lately and make me think I'm not doing a terrible job of being a mother.

Amazement #1 While helping out at Keiras school I had put Caden into the preschool class while I helped in Keiras class. The preschool teacher came to me after about 20 min's and asked if Caden could play with the markers? I looked at her bewildered like "Yeah". Well she informs me that she was trying to get Caden to play with them, but he informed her he is not allowed to play with markers because he wrote all over the walls at home. He did do this, and I had told him he was not allowed to play with markers! But, good job for obeying me when I'm not around. (I did tell the teacher she could let him know he could play with them in class.

Amazement #2 With Halloween approaching I had been talking to Keira about reasons we are not going to celebrate Halloween. (Not that I think there is anything in and of itself wrong with dressing up or getting candy) So we had seen a couple of things on the TV that had to do with Halloween and the bloody, gory, evil side of things...and explained that we are not going to participate in this. So at Tuesday Treasures at church (Keira had the day off of school) her teacher found me in the hall trying to get Kenzie asleep and asked if it was OK if she read a story of a pumpkin (that had to do with the light of Jesus) and to do a craft of a pumpkin. Again I was like "YEAH!" Well Keira informed her teacher she was not suppose to participate in Halloween:) But of course I said these things are okay. Which I guess brings up the question...where do I draw the line?


Dana said...

Good job, Mama!

Cat said...

Very nice work! I have understood from a very young age my beliefs and why we do not celebrate holidays. Kids get it, you just have to put it on their level. Awesome props to you that they are obedient even when you're not around. That surely cannot be said about all children!