Friday, September 18, 2009

Things the kids say!

Some things the kids were talking about today!

Caden: If a stranger asks us to come pet his puppy, we say "No thank you stranger. I don't want to pet your puppy. Then we run and find mommy.

Keira: Actually we don't say anything. We just run and find mommy or daddy.

Caden: But if they offer us candy, we say "Thank you for the candy."

Keira: "No buddy, we don't say anything! We just run and find mommy or daddy!"

Caden: Maybe daddy will bring us a puppy home!!!

Caden who constantly has cars, keys or anything you can hook up to the truck, on the brain, talked about Jesus???

Caden: We've never been to Jesus' house before.

Me: Well we go to church and someday we might get to go to heaven.

Caden: Yeah!! And Jesus will have lots of trailers there, and He will want to hook them up to the trucks with me!!!:)

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Suzanne said...

Funny conversation. Sweet!