Sunday, September 6, 2009

Apple Picking

Our apple tree out back has produced quite a lot of apples this year. The previous years I have picked maybe just a few to eat, but nothing more than that, as most of them are usually feasted on by the worms. This year I noticed, however, that many of the apples looked quite good. So I sent Dave to the store to buy an apple picker. So for a few hours we got to pick apples. The kids helped a great deal too....they got to pick up the ones that missed the bucket, or to take them out of the apple picker and bring them to the bucket:) My plan at this point is to juice the majority of them, and then to make a couple of homemade pies out of a few.

I did figure out though, that the 12 foot pole just didn't cut it. As all the really good apples were at least 18 feet up. So I sent Dave to get a painters pole that we attached to the end of the apple picker that extended to 24 feet. Perfect!!


Cat said...

YAY FOR APPLES! Have you made homemade apple sauce? I love it with red hots melted in. I wonder if you can can it?

Kimberly Wegleitner said...

Oooh, if you need to get rid of some apples, I'd be happy to take some for you : )

(I like making apple butter).

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful yard!