Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ho Hum

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 9th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 7th grade.

Jr High. The big time. I went into Jr High not having too many school friends. The friends that I had ran around with before started to get into things that I wasn't into. My locker at school was in the yellow hallway. At school they had these different color hallways. It looked very much from the 70's. I just remember how fun it was to be able to decorate your locker. Or, share your locker with someone. Which I did for a short while at the end of the year. But, my 7th grade year was not very memorable. I started playing basketball and softball and played alto saxophone in the band. I did fairly well playing the sax usually first or second chair. But when it came time for solo performances....ah yeah. I would get so nervous my whole body would shake. the teacher excused me because I think he was embarrassed for me. If you were in band you could also be in choir or small band because they traded every other day. I did not want to sing. So I was in small band, and you had to do lots of solo performances. I only did one. After that one my teacher pulled some strings so I could be in the advanced art placement class. Granted I have no art skills what so ever! But that was way more fun than having to get up in front of others. Plus the art student got to take lots of field trips. Lots! So getting nervous in front of others has its up side=)

At home I pretty sure my step-dad and my mom got married within the last year. Sorry a lot of these dates I don't remember very well. Well I think they actually got married during my 6th grade year. I remember both my mom and step-dad were in the Army. The newspaper people came out to interview them about the possibility of them both being sent to Operation Desert Storm and having children at home. They never went.

All in all 7th grade was a pretty ho hum year as far as school went.

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Janna said...

I remember Desert Storm my 6th grade year and my uncle was there and brought us back some of the coins.

The saxophone is such a beautiful instrument. If I played one that would be my 1st choice:)