Thursday, July 29, 2010

Looking For Necklaces?

I am joining Janna at Mommy's Piggy Tales to record my youth. This is the 8th of 15 series, every Thurs, that I will be recording. These memories are from 6th grade.

My 6th grade teacher was Mrs. Miller. Again she was a teacher of mine that was not very well liked, however I liked her. Again this is a grade I don't remember much about. I do know by this time my parents divorce was finalized.

I also remember my friends changing a bit. I started hanging out with the more rebellious girls, but not really wanting to. Knowing something was wrong with the things they did. A specific memory was being out at 3 in the morning...mind you we were in 6th grade. My "friends" had boyfriends that were in the Jr High. While spending the night at my one friends house one night they came by and we all went out walking. I think the guys were drinking and not to sure about my friends. I was a little confused about it all. Well all of a sudden the police must have gotten a call because they pulled over to where we were walking and turned their sirens on. All of them jumped into the nearby fields and just ran. I didn't know what to do so I off course go into the ditch and just lay down with my friend...mind you our only offense being out past our towns curfew. The police shine their lights on us and told us to get up. They ask us what we were doing to which my friend replied that we were looking for a necklace she had lost earlier! Luckily they just told us to go home. Man were we pretty dumb.

I think by the end of this grade I knew these were not the type of girls I wanted to be around. I went into the summer not having too many friends from my class, just a couple of girls in my neighborhood who were good and did not get into trouble to much.


Janna said...

I lol on the finding a necklace:) I'm glad you saw the light on your friends poor choices and didn't get hurt.

I remember a few situations like that too and knowing it was wrong but not sure what to do and not wanting to lose my friends. Good lessons to remember as we love the jr highers in our life right now.

gianna said...

What a bummer! at least you got through that grade and now have many more meaningful friends!

Crystal said...

Well at least you learned early that rebellion didn't work well for you!!